Pour Over Will Lawyer in Virginia

Planning for the future requires a keen understanding of the legal tools at your disposal. In Virginia, a Pour Over Will is a key instrument that works in harmony with a living trust to ensure your assets are managed and distributed according to your precise wishes.

At Jennifer Porter Law, we are committed to helping you craft a Pour Over Will that integrates seamlessly with your estate plan. Our approach aims to make the process as clear, simple, and cost-effective as possible, reducing complexities while meeting your unique needs.

Understanding a Pour Over Will in Virginia

A Pour Over Will is a specific type of will designed to work alongside a living trust. It acts as a safety net, ensuring that any assets not funded into your trust during your lifetime are “poured over” into your trust upon your death.

This includes any assets acquired shortly before your death, or assets inadvertently left out of the trust. The designated trustee of your living trust then manages and distributes these assets according to the terms of the trust.

The Value of a Pour Over Will in Virginia

The primary benefit of a Pour Over Will is its ability to capture any assets not included in your living trust, ensuring they’re managed and distributed according to your existing estate plan.

Without a Pour Over Will in Virginia, any assets not included in your living trust would be subject to intestate succession laws, potentially leading to distribution results not in alignment with your wishes. By providing a mechanism for these assets to “pour over” into your trust, a Pour Over Will guarantees your full estate is managed as per your intentions.

How Jennifer Porter Law Can Assist You in Virginia

If you’ve set up a living trust but don’t yet have a Pour Over Will, it’s advisable to schedule a planning session with us. At Jennifer Porter Law, we can assess your current estate plan to ensure it’s comprehensive and aligned with Virginia’s legal requirements.

We specialize in crafting new Pour Over Wills to integrate seamlessly with your existing living trust, ensuring comprehensive protection for your assets and a smooth transition for your loved ones. Contact us today to start the process of creating your Virginia Pour Over Will.

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