Client Testimonials

Here are just some of the kind things our clients have said about our work.

I wish I knew from the get-go about her when my son was hit by a card and had a so-so lawyer. It was such a godsend to change lawyers and retained Jennifer Porter, instead. Ms. Porter is very knowledge, professional, responsive and has a very pleasant personality. Highly recommended!!

Rita A.

Having Jennifer Porter as my attorney after being hit by a drunk driver in an automobile collision was more than a blessing. The moment Ms. Porter took my case, I knew immediately she was dedicated and committed to her clients; and would utilize every resource available to serve my best interest. I mean, any resource that Ms. Porter could get her hands on that would be of benefit to my case she utilized. I appreciated the time she took to develop a remarkable rapport with me and how empathetic she was towards my unfavorable circumstance. It was not just another case for her. She made me feel as though my case was the most important case to her by how meticulous, resourceful, and informative she approached everything. She kept me informed throughout the entire process and provided a complete and realistic view of the outcomes of my case based on her knowledge, experience and research. Ms. Porter worked diligently and determinedly on my case and delivered an outcome beyond my expectations. I would highly recommend Jennifer Porter Law to anyone seeking legal guidance and representation in a personal injury or automobile accident. Jennifer is by far the most professional, resourceful, informative, thorough and talented lawyer I’ve worked with. It was a pleasure to have had attorney Jennifer Porter represent me.

Tarell W.

100% satisfied with Ms. Porter. It has been a pleasure working with your firm. I believe my case was resolved in a timely manner and will definitely recommend for anyone needing a hands on attorney.

Ruby S.

Ms. Porter represented me after I was involved in a four car accident last year. She was amazing from start to finished. Her team took care of everything so I could focus on my recovery. They guided me though the legal process and my rights and, all in manner I could comprehend. Ms. Porter was recommend to us by a coworker praising her efficiency, knowledge and personal attention. I highly recommend!!!!!!!!

Carla H.

Jennifer reviewed our auto insurance policy to be sure our coverage was sufficient. She explained in detail what our policy covered and where the policy may be deficient. A quick call to our insurance company rectified the situation and we feel much better knowing that we are properly covered should we need it! Thank-you so much Jennifer!!

Nancy M.

To have Jennifer Porter as my lawyer for what was one of the most traumatic experiences of my life was a GodSend💖. She was informative- looked out for my best interest first and foremost and kept me in the loop every step of the way. I had never had to do this before and she made my first and hopefully only time I need a lawyer for a accident a very enjoyable and memorable experience. Now IF I did for some reason I need a lawyer -I would absolutely call her immediately and IF you need a great smart nice personable fantastic Lawyer- Call Her! You won’t regret it. She is a blessing - I’m a RN trust me.

Eva S.

Want results strongly recommend Jennifer Porter. She is a very good attorney. Don't waste your time looking around call Jennifer Porter. You will not regret it promise you will not regret it.

Michael N.

**updating my review**: I decided to take my case to Jennifer Porter Law and was not disappointed! After dealing with the disruptions of personal injury, being a client of Jennifer Porter Law was the first time I finally felt I could focus on getting back to my life. Jennifer and her team kept me informed on every step of the process. Any questions I had were answered thoroughly and promptly. During my case evaluation it was clear Jennifer was prepared and a true professional at the top of her game. I appreciated the rigorous review and time she put into my case -- taking a comprehensive view of my options and presenting them to me with care and compassion. I left that call knowing she had my best interest in mind, which quite frankly, is a feeling that's priceless. Highly recommend Jennifer Porter Law! *** ----- A thorough and thoughtful consultation experience with Attorney Jennifer Porter! In my consult, I could tell right away not only was Jennifer listening to my concerns, she really had an eye for complexity and nuance with personal injury cases. This reassured me that this firm does not take a "one-size fits all" approach for clients. With all of the stress that comes with facing a personal injury, I definitely left the consult feeling heard and supported.

L. Edwards

When I was hurt in a car accident, I didn't know who to contact and happened to find Jennifer Porter. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I am so glad I found her! She was so professional and responsive. I ended up getting DOUBLE the settlement that the insurance company first offered me. Jennifer really fought and worked hard in getting me what I deserved. If I need a lawyer down the road, she will be my go-to for legal issues.

Charlene F.

Jennifer is a caring lawyer who carefully explains the process and procedures. She definitely knows her stuff and will advocate for you.

Marty B.

I was w/another attorney at a firm Jennifer Porter came to join after my case had began, fortunately for me she was assigned my case as the original attorney I was with left. From the start she righted everything wrong the previous attorney made, she was attentive and very thorough in being brought up to date with my experience and what I had been facing that first year into my case without her, so it was a no brainer for me when she informed me that she would be leaving and starting her own practice. Since the transition she has remained reachable and very transparent with me as my case is just now starting to come to a close. As some people know most of these cases take several years with medical treatment and documentation so I have been with her now since 2020 and even through this pandemic she has remained reliable and very much an advocate for me. She has also given me some great advice going forward as it pertains to my insurance coverages etc. I would definitely refer her to my friends and family as well as request her services again if I were ever in another accident of any kind. She is also very caring and for me that’s so important. Never do I feel like a number or just another client. She even fought to get my medical bills lowered. She’s a real gem, and that’s a big deal as we all know attorneys can be very dismissive and unbothered with their clients in these cases.

Karshan A.

Ms. Porter was recommended by a friend and did not disappoint. She was very professional, and knowledgeable, and helped to connect me with resources I needed. I highly recommend her if you need legal advice or assistance.

Kurt S.

Attorney Porter is handling a personal injury case on my behalf. She is very attentive and has handled my case just as it were a multi-million dollar lawsuit. I decided to remain a client with Jennifer even as she was just leaving a large firm to start her own law office. The professional relationship we had established was founded on her truthfulness, attentiveness, patience , clear and effective communication. Jennifer made me feel she could be trusted to handle my case with my best interest at heart. I appreciate having an attorney who keeps me informed on what is happening with my case. Update: Jennifer Porter has handled my case with the utmost professionalism, grace and effectiveness. During the entire process I have never had to worry about her having my best interest at heart. She kept me informed of how the court process worked. The settlement of my case has happened with ease and I receive complete disclosure of the settlement process. I am extremely grateful to Jennifer Porter and her team for the way my case has been handled. I would highly recommend Jennifer Porter to any of my friends and/or family who need legal representation.

Gloria H.

I consulted with Jennifer Porter after a turbulent personal experience. She was so knowledgeable and responsive, it was reassuring to get her advice and guidance. I would recommend her to anyone who is seeking her services.

Marty A.

Jennifer Porter recently helped me settle a lawsuit related to a car accident. She was helpful, informative, and responsive. She always answered my questions and kept me apprised if the status. Thank you for all your help, Ms. Porter.

Erin G.

She helped me after a long struggle with a firm we won’t mention and got me what me and her felt was the best we could do with the case I had and my situation highly recommend by me.

James C.

Jennifer Porter took the time to review my legal situation and was through and thoughtful in her advice. Should the need arise again, I would most certainly use her services.

Diego B.

Earlier this week I had a very productive consult with Jennifer about an accident that occurred over the weekend. Not only was Jennifer able to clearly walk me through the process I was about to begin, she did it in a way that made it easy to understand and was able to answer all of my questions. I highly recommend her if you are looking for a personal injury attorney.

Jordan S.

I was in a car accident in 2019 and gave my case to another law firm(I won’t mention names)! Through this law firm I was switched to at least 2 people prior to working with Ms Porter. Ever since she started my case she never quit! She kept me up to date and she gave me hope. My case was open for almost 2years until she came and literally saved my life. When you’re going through something as hard as a car accident you can get a bit discouraged. I lost my job and after that hope went right along with it! Jennifer Porter gave me hope and treated me as if I was her family! She started her new firm and I followed her there lol! Thank you so much Ms Porter! You’re forever my lawyer and family! Thanks!

Dana D.

I contacted Ms. Porter on July 22,2021 in need of urgent legal assistance regarding my elderly godmother’s residency at a home where she had been renting a room. While Ms. Porter does not practice landlord-tenant law, she was extremely courtesy and helpful to me and my family. Ms. Porter assured me that she would search her network to find us reliable legal representation which she did not have to do. In less than 24 hours Ms. Porter contacted me and provided us with not only information on a reliable attorney, but she personally connected the two of us and spoke encouraging words over our situation. She understood the pressure we were under she took it extremely seriously and acted. This is the kind of representation you need on your side. Thank you so much Ms. Porter.

Rosett P.

Working with Jennifer Porter on an auto accident case was very smooth and professional. She was responsive and communicated the status of where the case stood and worked tirelessly with the various medical establishments and insurance companies to provide us the best value for a settlement. While many firms may have recommended on settling on the initial offers to close the case quickly, she continued to negotiate with the insurance firm to bring us the vest value for settlement. We would not hesitate to work with Jennifer again in the future and would definitely recommend her to our friends and family.

Soo K.

I'm very appreciative that Ms. Porter was direct, knowledgeable and incredibly kind when discussing my personal liability claim. She had to deliver quite unfavorable news and did so with poise and empathy. I, truly, wish I had the chance to speak to Ms. Porter prior to pursuing my workman's comp case as I would have approached the comp case differently. Consultation is so critical and I would call upon Ms. Porter again should I ever be in the position once more.

Lisa N.

Mrs. Porter is awesome she took over my case when I had got into a car accident and it wasn't my fault. She did a amazing job she handled my case professionally, in a timely matter, she was able to talk to the hospitals and get some of my medical bills reduce down a little and she negotiated a reasonable amount. I got more then what I thought I was going to get back. She kept me updated on everything and you can call her and she will answer any questions or concerns you may have. She is incredible and I will use her again if something like this occurs again.

Takeya M.

After my personal injury case languished for 5 years in another law practice, Jennifer Porter took a look into it. What a difference! In just over 9 months my case moved further along than in the previous 5 years. She is extremely knowledgeable, respectful and compassionate. She will CONSTANTLY communicate with you (a rarity among lawyers) and she will fight tooth and nail for your case. If you have a case, don't doubt for a second calling her office. You too will be impressed by her professionalism. I recommend her 100%.

Cesar C.

Jennifer is very personable and always answers questions with a response that you can understand. She makes the time to explain things in detail and makes you feel that your situation is always a priority. I would definitely recommend her to anyone needing legal help.

Tracee A.

Since the moment Ms. Porter took my case at my previous firm, Ascraft & Gerel, my case finally started moving. Little did I know that it would take off in full stride. During the rush of the data collection, information-sharing, and settlement process -- while physically located half the world away -- she delivered efficient, regular communications and extremely valuable advice, without adding burdens to a busy schedule on a 12+ hour difference time. Definitely would recommend and seek her again.

Sr. Marquez

Jennifer is amazing--I had been with a firm that had my case languishing for two years until Jennifer came on board. Once she was on my case, everything was in order and resolved within a couple of months. She is respectful, communicative, straightforward, and has fought hard to represent me well. I was so impressed that I, without hesitation, opted to follow her to her new practice. Thank you, Jennifer!!

Lara S.

I was pleased to have chosen you to take over my case in my personal injury matter. From the get go, you demonstrated your understanding of the matter in hand and laid out what could happen in all scenarios. You were total in explaining everything to me and to gather all documents and information necessary for a better settlement. I was lucky to have found you and cannot thank you enough for everything you did for me. You are the one I will recommend to my friends and family. THANK YOU

Joe C.