How Do I Fund a Trust?

February 20, 2024

If you have a trust or are planning to establish one in the near future, you may have heard that you need to “fund the trust” in order for it to operate effectively. What exactly does that mean? And how do you do it? We craft each trust for your specific situation, so funding a…

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What Are the Different Types of Trusts?

February 16, 2024

Trusts are used increasingly in estate planning to accomplish a wide array of purposes. However, you generally need a specific type of trust to achieve targeted goals. With that in mind, it is helpful to explore the different types of trusts available and how they operate to help individuals and families in a variety of…

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Why Should I Consider a Trust Instead of a Will?

January 29, 2024

Estate plans built around a revocable living trust instead of a will have become very popular. But they are more complex and a little more costly to set up, so many people do not understand why they should consider switching to a trust-based plan. Your estate planning attorney can review the specific benefits based on…

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How Do I Prove Negligence?

January 22, 2024

When you can prove that someone’s negligence led to injuries from a car accident, slip and fall, or other incident, you can often recover considerable compensation for the pain, suffering, and other losses you’ve experienced. But how do you prove negligence? The best personal injury attorneys have spent years of focused effort learning the most…

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How Do I Determine Who Was at Fault in the Car Accident?

January 15, 2024

If you’ve been in a car accident, you probably know that the person found to be at fault can be required to pay damages to anyone hurt in the accident, including compensation for pain and suffering. But the question is, how do you know who was legally responsible for causing the accident? This question does…

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Meet Stephanie Himel-Nelson, Our Newest Attorney with A Passion for Estate Planning

January 8, 2024

Stephanie joins us as an accomplished attorney specializing in estate planning. Her belief that every family deserves a robust estate plan aligns perfectly with our commitment to safeguarding families’ futures in Virginia. Stephanie is excited to bring her extensive knowledge and skills to our clients, helping you confidently go through each stage of life.  A…

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What Is a Trust?

January 8, 2024

You may have heard about people setting up trusts to avoid probate, manage funds, or plan for estate taxes. Estate planning attorneys use trusts to accomplish a wide range of goals. But even many people who use trusts do not understand what they are. They view the trust as a type of account. But a…

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Do I Need a Will?

January 1, 2024

No one wants to think about the need for a will, and many people try to tell themselves that they don’t actually need one. However, everyone over 18 should have this crucial estate planning document. To understand why, it’s important to understand what a will can do and what happens if you don’t have one.…

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Do I Need an Attorney for a Personal Injury Case in Virginia, DC, and Maryland?

November 27, 2023

When an unfortunate accident strikes in Virginia, DC, or Maryland, you might be at a crossroads. “Do I need a lawyer for this?” It’s a question we hear often at Jennifer Porter Law, PLLC. The straightforward answer is that personal injury cases can be intricate, and having a knowledgeable team on your side can make…

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How Long Will My Case Take in Virginia, DC, and Maryland?

November 24, 2023

When you’re involved in a personal injury case, one of the first questions you might have is, “How long will this take?” At Jennifer Porter Law, PLLC, we understand that time is of the essence, but we also know the value of patience and precision in handling your case.   Each Case is Unique When…

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